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Take your breath – the number of Mobile Phones accessing websites has already crossed 5 billion. Obviously, the future of Internet Marketing depends heavily on Smart Phones. It becomes imperative therefore that your website design should be focused towards easy, clear and instant accessibility and usage through Smart Phones, across the world. Experts at Megha SEO Services, renowned SEO Company in India, share their ideas with you, as How to Optimize Your Mobile Design for SEO!

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1.    Responsive Web Designing:

This term is doing its round faster all over the net-world of late – meaning your website should respond to any server or computing device, from across the world instantly. Particularly, in the case of Smart Phones, which enables the user to enter the net-world on the go, they have smaller screens.

They will feel the pinch if your website is designed for desktops as hitherto, to show on their screen. The speed will be sluggish and the device will blink with strain.

Guess the result! The owner will get fed up and click away from your website. Alas – you lose a valuable visitor to your site through Smart Phone.

 That’s why expert web designers are hollering that you concentrate right from the coding stage, to make it possible for your website to “adjust” its size, clarity, and visibility, automatically within macro-seconds, to appear legibly on any Smart Phone screen.

Prudent and proper coding can make a hell of a change thus in the visibility, accessibility, and usage of your website, by any Smart Phone around the world. This is the first step of “Mobile Design”.

2.    Clean and Tidy Web Design:

Your website should create that “ the first impression is the best impression”. Smart Phone users visiting your site should get that feeling of “awe” right from the structure; graphics; texts and such other design features of background color and decoration etc.

Remember - the viewer is lying through their small screen. So a clean, clutter-free, and decent website front is the sure-shot way of impressing your Smart Phone visitor.

Please for heaven’s sake avoid irritating Pop-ups and other gimmicks, which will easily drive away your visitor in frustration.

3.    Enhance Happy Customer Experience:

Popular Search Engines attach high importance and credence to pleasant customer experience, while at your website. This can be achieved only by taking care from the web designing stage itself.

While building a website step-by-step and integrating web solutions, the web designers and developers should bear in mind this aspect. They should step into the shoes of the prospective visitor, in arranging and programming everything, including touch-screen navigation, with complete easiness.

SEO Services in India

4.    Increase SEO features:

In today’s cut-throat competition scenario obtaining, your website should face and stave off the challenges posed by popular Search Engines. Gone are those days where mere keyword stuffing will do the trick.

Every website is evaluated today by its merits, favorable aspects from consumer-point of view, social network popularity and Digital Marketing techniques etc., for awarding high-rankings in their indices.

So along with careful and purposeful web designing, development and hosting, there is that extra-mile of checking and refining the web-contents, to impress upon the web-visitor.

Some of the tricks suggested are – build up benefits after benefits of the products, merchandises or services availed from the website; don’t leave even the smallest benefit derived; “talk” only the positive aspects, and never forget to add “Call To Action” invariably at the end of each web page.

Remember – Smart Phone owners are also online visitors, and they are never different from the total online population. So whatever applies for desktop visitors, equally applies for “Mobile Design” towards the objective of SEO features.

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Posted On July 28, 2017