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Know the Latest Rules of Webmaster and use them in your site!!

Webmaster tool is the most important area of assessment for all the SEO experts. They always need to have the updates regarding Webmaster, since success of webmaster decides the success of a site. Recently Google webmaster has updated the rules at their site and that has been a great news for the SEO experts from SEO Company in Meerut. The new rules state that sites might be deleted if webmasters find not to be satisfactory. Some of the details that the new webmaster tool has introduced are as follows:

·         Blog network that redirects one blog to other will be deleted. It has been used many a times, by the experts providing SEO Services in India to improve a site’s ranking. It can be deleted, if google finds to be manipulating the traffic.

·         Another law that the google webmaster stated in the new law is about the paid links. Sites that are using paid links will be deleted, without any prior message. This cancellation does not mean, that webmaster will not except the sites, but will delete the complete profile from the web address. SEO experts are really worried about this new law from webmasters.

·         Photos that has been copied from some of the site will be deleted by the webmaster. You cannot sale a photo that is not captured by you or not edited by you. In such cases, google can delete the image. Repetition of the same thing will result in deletion of the account.

·         Consult with an SEO expert from SEO Company in India. Most of the time the drag and use website developers think that whatever they have bought is theirs, but ownership is with the maker. So, do not use a thing, which you have not created, unless you have got the copyright permission. Google might delete the account for ever.

·         Domain name providers only check whether a domain name is existing or not, while you choose them for the act. There are some of the names which, you cannot use as a domain name, since the company is having the same name, in other corner of the world. So check them to avoid deletion of account.

There are other rules too, according to the latest webmaster laws. Get through the updates, by consulting with a Best SEO Services Provider to understand the details. 

Posted On March 31, 2016